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Co Founder

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Lead Software Engineer

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Digital Marketing Manager

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Head of Business Development

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Project Manager

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Junior Software Engineer

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Business Analyst

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UI/UX Engineer

The Family Recipe

The successful journey of Kongcepts began in 2016, as a result of the combination of two industry experts, which has now grown to be a large family of expert developers and designers.

With multi-platform storytelling, innovative solutions, creativity and strategic thinking, we solidify and enhance the important connection between people and organizations. Recognized for its ultra-creative and non-traditional approach, Kongcepts is a leader in creating cutting edge UI Designs, Branding, Mobile Apps and Websites.

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Whatever the service we provide to you, we always do more than what we are asked to do. We are aware that you need the best digital experience whether it is a software project, marketing or branding service. This is why researching is so important. Our team focuses on the best practices, best tech stacks and tools, data analysis methods, trade simulation, and mobile surveys to help businesses know their customers. With our experience and know-how in the domain we assure to guide you successfully through each step involved.


As a team, We are following a set of practices and policies that we adopted through our journey this far, and plan everything properly to deliver the best results out of our efforts, giving our clients the best return on investment, on time. With our technical capabilities combined with the creativity of the team and the effective marketing channels we use, we blend brand new and the good old technologies to take your brand to the next level.


Over the years, Kongcepts has grown to be an outstanding creative team and has connected to a wide-reaching inspired network. Our team consists of Software Engineers, User Experience Engineers, Web Development Engineers, Mobile Application Engineers, Creative Thinkers, and Content Writers that push boundaries to keep our clients satisfied, leave their customers surprised and build the best brand awareness online.


Kongcepts offers you the best production quality. We code, design, animate, write, film, do live-action videos, connect business to customers through marketing strategies, manage your social media, everything under one roof.

Idea is yours, we make it a reality. Got an idea ? just tell us about it, we would love to hear.

Kongcepts is a creative studio specialize in building brands & digital experiences using cutting edge technologies. We take pleasure creating unique Web apps, Mobile apps, Providing Digital Marketing solutions, and creating visual content that help businesses achieve their goals.

At Kongcepts we do, branding, websites & mobile apps.

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Kongcepts is a single destination for encouraging people, teams, and organizations to find their way towards innovation and growth in disruptive times with global exposure.
We are looking for new kongs with a slightly different profile to adapt to the modern world's rapid changes and face challenges with innovative ideas. Please send your resume to join our fast-expanding team of creative and passionate professionals.

Opening Positions

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2nd Floor,
No 255, Uda Eriyagama,
Peradeniya 20400 Sri Lanka

Kongcepts - Colombo,
26/3/10, Metro Central,
Athurugiriya Rd,
Malabe 10115 Sri Lanka

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