Web Design

Every business needs a professional website. Now most of business success depends on how the business engaging with their customers through technology. Most customers aware about a business or a company or a brand through online media, Mostly through web sites. So if you want to be on the top among your competitors, you need to have a stunning website. Kongcepts Web designers provide the best Website designs with the latest technology. This will help you to engage with more clients. Our Web Designs are more user friendly and unique. And also by analysing your business area, requirements Kongcepts will provide user interaction rich solution for you. Web Design methods are updating very frequently with the latest technology. Kongcepts Web Designing team always follow latest technology and latest concepts. Web designing is vary from business to business. And Web Design must not be a replicate of another existing Web site. Kongcepts Web Designing team always design totally unique web design for each customer.

By mixing latest standard guidelines with best usability approaches, Our Web Design Team always provides the best Web Design Interfaces for our clients. Our Web Design Team always communicates and shares ideas with Customers to give them the best output. After the design process, Our team will do front end developments with best suiting technologies with client's requirements. Our web design team always provide mobile friendly websites with full compatibility on all mobile devices including tablets.


Branding is a key pillar in success of a Company. Building brand awareness will uplift the popularity of your organization and there are tons of strategies for building brand awareness. Within these strategies, there will be some key points which we have to do for brand awareness building.

It includes

  • Identify company’s target audience

  • Research about competitors and identify their weaknesses

  • Determine and emphasize key outlines of your company

  • Publish marketing materials including Social media materials which will increase brand awareness and engagement.

These strategies and process will be the infrastructure for branding awareness. But if you need to fulfill branding with Kongcepts you need to believe in us and together we can uplift your company brand to the top of the list. Kongcepts will provide consultancy and solutions to increase brand awareness with digital marketing support. If you need to uplift your brand

Software Development

As a Software Development Company, We have a good reputation among our clients. We are full skilled Software development team who will be ready to develop any kind of software platform for your organization. Along with branding, your business needs to be updated with the latest technologies and concepts. In this point you may need Software solution to simplify your process.

Kongcepts software development team can provide end-to-end software solutions for you including,

  • Web Applications for your organization.

  • End-to-End Software solutions for your organization which will automate all your manual works with the latest Software development technologies

  • Building your business's official web site which will improve your brand awareness.

  • Web Application Development and Software Development for you to engage with your clients (Ex: E-Commerce Web Application, etc.)

Kongcepts provide Software Solutions for vast area with our tech specialists. Our Software Development specialists are handling medium scale to large scale software solutions. Our Tech stack includes,

  • E-Commerce application development with Magento 2 or Open Cart or other E-Commerce platforms.

  • Mobile first Web front end applications with latest technologies including Angular 7+, React and many other latest technologies.

  • Web Application development with NodeJS, Laravel, Codeigniter, Java Spring Boot and many latest backend technologies.

  • Hosting, Deployments and Continuous Integration using latest technologies including Cloud technologies like Google Cloud, Digital Ocean or Amazon Web Services. Testing and Maintenance of Applications using latest technologies.

Always our Kong Development team is looking to take new challenge and provide our customers better solution with Software application development approaches.

Mobile App Development

Mobile Apps, another essential part for companies who are looking for more users to engage with. Now people tend to use mobile devices instead of computers. Because, Mobile is easy to use and users can access mobile from anywhere. Therefore, Mobile apps are really useful in this scenario. Slowly users are migrating from Personal Computers to Mobile devices. So Mobile apps will be the key factor of business growth and success. If your business based on some business area you can get more users onboard with Mobile Apps. Kongcepts Mobile application development team develops any kind of native mobile applications for iOS and Android based devices. And also our development team develops cross operating system compatible mobile application. Quality and Usability are main key factors in Mobile App development.

Our mobile specialists always ready for new Challenges and they are using Latest Technologies for their developments. If your business need a mobile app, Kongcepts mobile development team will take care of end-to-end Mobile App Development process and deployment to Google Play or AppStore Process. Mobile apps technologies are also changing very fast. Kongcepts always delivers the best applications to the market by using latest mobile app technologies.

UI/UX Design

User Interface (UI) and User Experience(UX) is the root of user engagement with your organization or brand. User experience is a set of steps which will enhance user engagement with your company or brand. Basically, UX is what, how users feels about the company or brand. User Experience is a child entity of Customer Experience. Customer Experience will include your company audiences’ reaction to your brand and the company. If you have good Customer Experience, it means your company has good customer engagement. To fulfill this you need to have good UX/UI technique. If a company has a stunning company website with user experience rich marketing materials, then User engagement of the company will go to top remarkably.

The Best User Experience is coming with best User Interfaces. So Kongcepts UX/ UI team will provide you the best User engaging Designs.

Our Skilled UX and UI team provides bottom to top solutions for our customers. This includes,

  • Understand the customer and find what customers actually need.

  • Research and Develop Best User Experience approach which will suits with the customer.

  • Sketching, Wireframing and designing Mockups.

  • Design User Interface.

  • Implementation.

  • Evaluation.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

If your Business or brand needs to be on top of user engagement, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an essential part. Most people using Search Engines to search for the things they need. So, For a Company or Brand it is mandatory to be on top of users search results among other competitors. Kongcepts SEO team will always provide the best solution for your Brand or Company.

Kongcepts SEO team will cover all main pillars of Search Engine Optimization including,

  • SEO Consultancy

  • Local SEO

  • Technical SEO

  • SEO Analytics

  • Content Marketing

  • Link building

  • Keyword & Market Research

Search Engine Optimization is a key pillar in success full business. Our Search Engine Optimization specialists will cover all popular Search Engines and optimize business entity's web site to the top of search results for best key areas of the business. Kongcepts will provide all support to uplift your brand or company in search engine results.