Web Design

A professionally made website is a modern requirement for any business and is often a critical one. The need for organizational agility and business resilience has been pronounced in the modern business world more than ever due to the competitive rivalry. Whether you're establishing new routes to market, managing supply chain pressures, or juggling workforce availability – we're here to support you.

Awareness and branding is almost always done through online media because of the lush and lavish development in the digital infrastructures, where a finely designed dedicated web site has a major role to play. If you want to be at the top of your game, nothing can help you better than a perfectly made website. It is your business's digital interface and your biggest online presence, and it provides the first impression for all your online clients.

We are specialized in creating advanced Web Designs with cutting edge tools and technologies. Our end products combine to transcend any quality dimension necessary to create user-friendly unique, and high-performing websites conforming to the world-class standards, based on a proper industrial, business, and client requirements analysis.

Business systems engineering is a very dynamic domain. Our engineers are up to date with all modern technologies, latest concepts, and upcoming trends. Therefore we guarantee to provide you the best solutions by combining the latest standards with the best usability approaches using our expertise and know how, making them compatible across all devices and making them durable and maintainable.


Branding, by definition, is absolutely a key pillar in the success of a company which makes its symbol, name or products identified easily by people, just in a glance. Branding performs a vital role in a company’s success as it makes a significant impression on consumers.

It also does

  • Help to Get Recognition

  • Develop Business Value

  • Attract New Customers

  • Enhance Satisfaction and Pride of customers and employees

  • Strengthen the Trust of Customers

  • Makes advertising easy

“ If you hear the word “Apple” , most certainly the fruit itself is not the first thing that comes to your mind isn't it ? that's how powerful Branding is “
To keep pace with rapid development of technology today, it requires a holistic vision backed by strategies, processes and designs. With the vast experience and knowledge gained through many years in the digital marketing domain, Kongcepts is the ideal solution to expand your brand worldwide and to reach the top of your target audience's mind and heart.
At kongcepts we provide each of our clients a unique branding strategy after a careful analysis about the business domains, competitors, audiences, and every possible fact that we can count to make sure the maximum return is achieved out of the investment you make.

We will provide you a variety of services including but not limited to

  • Brand designs and strategy

  • Social media management

  • Email marketing campaigns

  • SMS marketing campaigns

  • Search engine optimizations

  • Targeted content writing

  • Web and Mobile apps development

  • Shopify, woocommerce, magento platforms development

  • Bulk email services

  • Social media advertising campaigns

And many more

Software Development

A well-integrated Software solution to automate and simplify your processes can take your business to the next level, positively affecting a huge increase in the revenue.
As an outstanding software development company, Kongcepts takes the pride of serving a good number of clients around the world, providing high performing and modern systems since 2017, from medium to large scale organizations.

We provide a complete set of solutions from web and mobile apps to enterprise software development. We have a bunch of software developers fully skilled and passionate about developing advanced and end-to-end software solutions for you any business, including:

  • Web Applications for your organization.

  • End-to-End Software solutions for your organization which will automate all your manual works with the latest Software development technologies

  • E-commerce web/mobile application development.

  • IOT systems development.

Tech expertise

  • E-Commerce application development with Magento 2 or Open Cart or other E-Commerce platforms.

  • Mobile-first Web front-end applications with latest technologies including Angular, React, and many other latest technologies.

  • Web Application Development with NodeJS, Laravel, Codeigniter, Java Spring Boot, and many latest backend technologies.

  • Hosting, Deployments, and Continuous Integration using latest technologies, including Docker, Kurbenetes, Google Cloud, Digital Ocean, or Amazon Web Services.

Kong Development team is always looking to take on a new challenge and provide our customers better solutions with Software application development.

Mobile Apps

Mobile apps are another essential component for individuals and organizations that are looking for more user engagement. Modern users are migrating from Personal Computers to Mobile devices due to convenient usage, and they can access Mobile from anywhere at any time. Mobile apps support companies to boost visibility, increase sales/revenue. No matter whatever your business domain is, you can expand your customer base with a cleverly made Mobile App.

Our team develops native mobile applications for iOS and Android-based devices, and we also develop cross-operating system-compatible mobile applications.
Mobile apps technologies are changing very fast; quality and usability are the main critical factors in Mobile App development. Kongcepts can deliver you high performing applications and distribute them to the market using the latest mobile app technologies.
If you need a mobile app, you can rely on us to take care of things from the starting point, to the distribution on Google Play or Apple AppStore.

UI/UX Design

UI/UX design is crucial to just about everything. It renders the latest technology accessible to the masses, makes our favourite apps and websites a pleasure to use, and determines which brands and products we return to over and over again.
To put it simply, design matters.
A product is only ever as good as its UX. You can have the most innovative technology, but if it isn’t user-friendly, it will struggle to reach mainstream adoption. Products like the iPod and the iPhone would never have become so popular based on the technology alone; what really sealed the deal is the fact that they have great UX.

“People ignore designs that ignore people”
Good UX design is all about putting the user first. Any aspect of a website, app or software that doesn’t consider the user’s needs is ultimately doomed to fail. A huge part of the UX design process is getting to know your target audience, what their goals are, what their challenges are, What motivates them etc.

The demand for high performing, User-friendly, and unique UX/UI designs are increasing more than ever due to the domain rivalry. This is something we have been assisting our clients with for several long years, and our skilled UI/UX team certainly got what it takes to lift you up among all your competitors, we will Understand your requirement, then we will do our research and come up with the best user experience approach that suits the requirement, and will provide solutions in following ways.

  • Sketching, Wireframing, and designing Mockups.

  • Design User Interfaces.

  • Implementing the designs using appropriate technologies.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) performs a vital role in the marketing plan by optimizing a website or webpage to enhance the quality and quantity of its traffic from organic results of search engines, boosting the visibility and increasing the user engagement, helping your business or brand reach the top of the search results.

Our SEO experts in Kongcepts got a broad knowledge and many years of experience in SEO and ready to propose the optimal solutions for your Brand or Company covering all main pillars of Search Engine Optimization including,

  • Local SEO

  • Technical SEO

  • SEO Analytics

  • Content Marketing

  • Link building

  • Keyword & Market Research

Search Engine Optimization builds a strong brand recognition to product and service to uplift a brand or company in search engine results. Our Search Engine Optimization specialists will cover all popular Search Engines and optimize the business entity's website to the top of the search results by boosting visibility.

E-Commerce Application Developments

Technological development and busy lifestyles in modern society has led customers to make their choices in a split second, making it a mandatory cause for all businesses to adapt their strategies into digital e-commerce solutions.
Customer needs, desires, expectations, and attention are rapidly changing and expanding day by day, and there by many aspects require fulfillment and satisfaction in e-commerce platforms to reach customer expectations.

  • eCommerce strategy

  • Customized digital experiences

  • Market, Sales Data analysis

  • Latest business trends

eCommerce Strategy

We carry a broad scope of ability to begin this necessary procedure off right with efficient e-commerce strategie from UX expertise to specific eCommerce business expertise. We follow a results-driven system that is robust, scalable, secure and centered continuously around pleasing your clients with an astounding experience.

Customized Digital Experiences

Customer experience, brand experience, employee experience, and product experience are vital attributes of a successful ecosystem in the digital world. We design, build and develop eCommerce platforms that are Intuitive, secure, rich in user interactions and integrate smooth purchasing paths to ensure a world class user experience. Our professional and experienced developers are equally skilled at optimizing ready-made platforms like Magento, WordPress and also building custom digital commerce experiences unique to your brand.

Retail Experience Optimization with Market, Sales Data analysis

In this modern world, customers make decisions in a micro-moment. We ensure you remain one stride ahead with advanced data analytics delivered in real-time to intuitive dashboards, giving you the ability to foresee customers' changing requirements for a consistently on-point eCommerce experience.

Latest business trends

From initial contact through checkout in an eCommerce platform, there are various facts you need to fine tune, and they are ever changing and dynamic. Kongcepts’ ecommerce experts got what it takes to efficiently monitor, analyse and deal with the soundness of your eCommerce arrangement frequently, to maintain the best health of your platform, its performance and its competency to fit the current standards.

Content Management Systems

With long stretches of broad experience, we reveal genuine business sway through information-driven stages and industry capabilities. We support you to improve your experiences by conveying top-line development with professional content management, envisioning new digital opportunities for strategic decision-making and effective management planning.

Applied Innovation

We introduce innovative solutions that reflect a human-centered approach and a holistic vision to meet clients' demanding needs efficiently.

Digital Integration

We integrate advanced technologies to get feasible solutions driven by multi-technology expertise to achieve a cohesive digital experience.

Responsive Solutions

We do responsive mobile and web development to optimize performance across all the devices because being Responsive is not an afterthought.

Robust Tools & Technologies

To drive sustainable growth and revenue in the digital economy, we focus on envisioning innovative products and reinventing business models. Our human-centric methodology focuses on developing memorable experiences that strengthen the bond with users.